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MiniDSP Dirac Live

I’ve searched for a solution for speaker and room colouration which ultimately affects mixing decisions. When MiniDSP with Dirac Live was recommended I took a leap of faith and I wasn’t disappointed – the results are amazing. It’s a hardware unit that runs software that calibrates and fixes speaker spectral imbalances as well as impulse responses – both of which smear the sound. It’s amazing how you get used to your monitoring sounding a certain way. With Dirac Live the sound is brilliantly made clearer, richer, fuller, smoother and brighter. Check out the DDRC-88A that I’m using or any of their other products. Also you can find Dirac Live equipped amplifiers. I am not paid to endorse MiniDSP or Dirac Live or affiliated with them in any way other than owning this product. https://www.minidsp.com/products/dirac-series

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