Sexploitation movie sound

Not a title I though I’d be using in connection with my work but this is why I love this job. You never know what a young, creative group of people are going to produce that lets their passion shine and “Aphrodite: Killer Of Men” was such a surprise. Part music video, part gore-fest, part parlour period drama – this short film was a lot of fun to be involved… Read More »Sexploitation movie sound

MiniDSP Dirac Live

I’ve searched for a solution for speaker and room colouration which ultimately affects mixing decisions. When MiniDSP with Dirac Live was recommended I took a leap of faith and I wasn’t disappointed – the results are amazing. It’s a hardware unit that runs software that calibrates and fixes speaker spectral imbalances as well as impulse responses – both of which smear the sound. It’s amazing how you get used to… Read More »MiniDSP Dirac Live

Web Page (re)Construction

If things look a little unfinished on my web page it is because they are. I’m in the process of remaking it. Thanks for your understanding.